Who Cares? aims to foster a culture of care on the Sunshine Coast based on emergent principles using arts-based co-design processes. An emergent model builds from the strength of relationships, connections, and networks. From the perspective of diverse community members, including Elders, we are interested in better understanding what care means and where care happens. With this information, or data, we aim to support and amplify care for Elders and all community members on the Sunshine Coast. 

 The research questions guiding the project are: 

(1) How do diverse community members define care? 
(2) Where does care happen in the community? 
(3) How can diverse community members come together to create new modes of care?
(4) What are the most effective strategies for sustaining an emergent model of care on the Sunshine Coast? 

In Who Cares? we are using arts-based and participatory co-design methods to gather data from all of our project activities, including our community engagements, art installations, community meetings and workshops, research interviews, and team meetings. 

With the data already gathered we have identified 5 broad themes: stories of the state of things; stories of need; meanings of care; the importance of informal care; community connections; and hopes and dreams. Over the next year we will be sharing and growing our research findings through community engagements across the Sunshine Coast.