Activities & Events

Who Cares? Activities and events are hosted in various locations around the Sunshine Coast. They provide valuable insights to help us think meaningfully through design concepts and future creative engagements with community members.

What's Upcoming?

Join us online & in the community!

May 24th - June 5th

Listening Tree at Gibsons Rec Centre

Add your words to the tree!

June 5th to June 12th

Listening Tree at Sunnycrest Mall

The Listening Tree will have a closing ceremony at Sunnycrest Mall on June 11th.

Community Pop-Ups

Community pop-ups are live community installations at different locations on the Sunshine Coast aimed at initiating dialogue around issues of care on the Sunshine Coast.

Community Workshops

Community workshops are in-person gatherings hosted every few months aimed at sharing insights, experiences, and expertise of what programs, resources and events currently exist on the Sunshine Coast as well as what is missing and/or could be improved.

Lunch n' Learns

Lunch ‘N Learn is a monthly online session to connect and learn more about issues related to elder care on the Sunshine Coast.

Research Interviews & Focus Groups

Community members and service providers are invited to participate in one-on-one or group interviews to share their lived experiences of care, insights into gaps in care, and their vision for the future of care on the Sunshine Coast.